The main task of lifters  Bloksma  is to provide a container of components in a manner that facilitates the operator work station.
Lifters Bloksma been designed to facilitate loading of the use of specially designed trucks.

Basic features:

  • Division depending on how the power-pneumatic or electric;
  • Division due to the side loading lift;
  • Stationary units, mobile;
  • Units working individually or in parallel;
  • With accessories to enable the integration of production line
  • With dedicated security;
  • With devices for automatic loading and unloading;


The Bloksma offer sollution of logistics systems –  system of trolleys for containers of the type KLT. Trolleys system  supports the concept of Lean Production in the optimization of transport from the workstation in the direction of the supermarket.

Trolleys are equipped with special shaft for connecting the train. Depending on the type of substrate can choose between trolleys on wheels with rubber, plastic or wheels ESD properties. Trolleys  Bloksma are designed for typical dimensions KLT containers – 400mm x 400mm and 600mm x 400mm.

Containers the products can be stacked one on another up to about 10 boxes on one trolley. The maximum load capacity ensures stable operation of the truck is 250 kg.
Specially designed adaptive palette and locking system allows stable connection trolley
with pallet and loading pallets for forklift handling.


The company Bloksma offers logistics solutions for storage and transport. One can distinguish products of the logistics company-house production, used for the transport cars, containers or pallets according to several criteria: the number of segments, weight, method of control or direction of the load.

Bloksma products available in the field of production logistics can help you arrange allow optimal flow of supply chain enterprise. Bloksma offers in the material supply system, the so-called milk run. “Loop the milkman,” which is characterized by high cost and increase productivity.

This system consists of supplying production and removing unnecessary elements of the so-called. rules milkman. Sets of transport on the routes collect empty containers from successive positions and add new pre-filled. This affects the optimization of handling and the production process. The delivery process play an important role Kanban card.

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