FMW Friedrich

Automationstechnik Ltd. is the exclusive partner of the German company Friedrich FMW in technology riveting, rolling and bushed. Radial riveting technique patented by engineers point FMW Friedrich combined with precise riveting devices are used in industries such as:

  • Automotive;
  • Window fittings;
  • Medical Industry;
  • Electrotechnical Industry.


Riveting machines  FMW Friedrich are devices supporting radial riveting process with control of the riveting process.

Mode operation allows selection of two way to measure the rivet.


CNC riveting machines FMW Friedrich – basic information:

  • Stable performance of steel;
  • Security guard of aluminum;
  • Axis drive using servo motors;
  • Machine software in the touch panel – the archiving of the process




Electrically operated presses FMW Friedrich – characteristics:

  • Press P602 Plug & Play;
  • The small footprint of the machine only 0.75 m²;
  • Silent machines without oil and compressed air;
  • Short set-up times;


  • Basic catalog FMW Friedrich review production-Polish version:
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  • Information folder FMW Friedrich-ways to control the radial riveting Polish-language version:
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  • Information folder FMW Friedrich-CNC machines with radial riveting Polish-language firends:
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