Container marking

Date: 21 October 2014 Category:



Marking Systems company Orgatex containers, according to the philosophy of 5S, are designed for all types of containers.
Using the pocket systems, you can quickly and sustainable way to mark virtually any type of containers.

Due to the attachment, the pockets are distributed as follows:

  • Pockets hanging system using tags;
  • Self-adhesive pockets affixed to the container;
  • pockets with built-in magnetic neodymium magnets for metal housings;

Pockets are made of high quality plastic, have a transparent window, edge pocket has been properly reinforced.



Using a system tailored to the typical pocket size card KAN BAN can be durable and fast way to label the type KLT containers or EURO.
Pockets are made of high quality plastic, are available in basic colors offered by Orgatex.



The descriptive card holders allows you to quickly label any container, boxes, packaging plastic.
Types of handles:

  • Handles adhesive;
  • Magnetic Chucks;
  • Handles adhesive;

The handle is designed for popular sizes Kanban cards, small labels, postcards descriptive.
There are also handles descriptive ESD.
Details of an offer are described in the site manufacturer.