Manual Production System

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Automationstechnik  Ltd. designs and supplies assembly stations compliant with the principles of ergonomics. The behavior of these rules has an impact on employee productivity, comfort, occupational diseases.

Assembly stations made ​​of aluminum Bosch Rexroth can be supplied as a fully assembled and ready for installation.
According modular solutions to accelerate the design of ready systems electric height adjustable work surface allow smooth adjustment position to the height of the operator.


When selecting the correct lighting for the job, you should pay attention to the elimination of the phenomena of reflection, high contrast. Proper lighting prevents zmęczniu increases koncentrancję, eliminates the risk of errors.

System workstation lighting type SL 36, 48, 72, provides the highest quality light flicker (light grade A in accordance with DIN 5035-T2). Additionally, the system offers specialized power strips, made ​​in protection class IP 20, connection cables, plugs.


Ergonomic chairs industrial system ensures proper proper lumbar support, a pull-out elements for easy adjusting the working height, special shock absorbers provide extended durability chairs.

For the production of chairs were used environmentally friendly materials. A wide range of products allows you to adjust the chair of the requirements of each job.



  • Worktops with laminated or aluminum plate;
  • Electric power strips, wires, plugs;
  • Containers for hanging or components attached to profiles;
  • Information boards on the documents and instructions;
  • Footrests for employees with adjustable height;
  • Cup holders;