Transfer systems

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Selection of pallet transport system mainly due to the weight of the displaced product.

  • TS1-The transfer system is a solution dedicated to the transport of small, relatively light parts. A wide range of palettes, positioning and control elements – will satisfy even the most demanding production.
  • TS2+ – Popular transfer system for transporting the product weighing from 20 kg to 200 kg. The trays may be transported on a belt or chain.
  • TS5- The transfer system for transporting heavy products -to 300 kg. Pallets used to transport the royal shaft drives the roll. Modular system, maintenance-free, reduced noise
  • TS Solar – Special transport system adapted to a clean transfer of sensitive photovoltaic modules. The system meets the requirements of the 6th grade purity, and can be widely used in ESD environments


Chain systems enable transport of the product (also on pallet) between the various working levels. The system is designed for the transport of workpieces up to 16 kg and a speed of 60 m / min.
Distribution of chain transport systems:

  • System VarioFlow – solution for the automotive, electrical, cosmetics. Conveyor width from 65 mm to 320 mm;
  • System VarioFlow S – designed for use in the food industry. Available in widths of 80mm to 320mm.

Basic parameters of the system:

  • horizontal transport, vertical with special chains with drivers;
  • chain hardness of 40 to 50 Shore A.;
  • nominal speed of 5, 10, 13, 16, 21, 27 m / min;
  • the ability to create storage – buffers;
  • a wide variety of corners and curves;



Ecoflow roller transport system with press-through by the operator with the product palette is an interesting and economically viable supplement to the offer. The system is made based on the aluminum mounting systems from Bosch Rexroth, supplemented by a system of interlocking positions palette and accessories. The pallet width up to 1000mm.