AT a socially responsible company

Automationstechnik Sp. z o.o. guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility, it builds its organizational culture based on a system of ethical values.
The strategy of sustainable development and responsible business is the basis of our business.
In our activities, we undertake initiatives that have a positive impact on the natural environment, employees, local communities and contractors.

The Automationstechnik Code of Conduct is a particular obligation to operate according to the highest standard.

See our Code of Conduct

Automationstechnik Sp. z o.o. is aware that all activities – including the sourcing of materials, the production, distribution and sale of products – must respect and take into account human rights, health and safety and the environment.
We expect the same from all our business partners and suppliers, including their subcontractors.

See our Suppliers Code of Conduct

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