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Mäder Pressen Industrial presses
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Advantages of using industrial presses:

The most important advantages of industrial presses by Mäder Pressen:

  • Wide range of products: from manual presses to pneumatic presses with process control;
  • High precision and guaranteed quality Made in Germany;
  • Mäder Pressen presses are practically maintenance free;
  • CE approved.


We divide our presses into the following categories:

  • Rack and pinion presses (the force is the same regardless of the position of the lever)
  • Toggle presses (the highest press force is reached in the lowest position of the lever)


Each type of press is available in a toggle and rack and pinion type, detailed information can be found in the enclosed catalog.


Additional equipment:

  • Full cycle execution protection (HS);
  • Tool clamping hole in the press base (TB);
  • Cycle counter (Z)
  • Micrometer screw stop.
  • Precise lever adjustment mechanism (DP)



Check what we can offer you as part of individual cooperation. See our possibilities in the field of production automation or machine construction.



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