Bosch Rexroth Belt and Chain Conveyors

Systems: TS1 TS2+ TS5

Bosch Rexroth Belt and Chain Conveyors
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Advantages of using the system:

The choice of the pallet conveyor system depends on the weight of the product to be moved.


  • TS1 – The transport system is a solution dedicated to transporting small, relatively light workpieces. A wide range of pallets, positioning and control elements will satisfy even the most demanding production.
  • TS2+ – A popular transport system intended for transporting products weighing from 20 kg to 200 kg. Pallets may be transported by means of a belt or chain.
  • TS5 – Transport system for heavy products up to 300 kg. A shaft-and-bevel-gear driving the rollers is used to transport the pallets. Modular system, maintenance-free, reduced noise.
  • TS Solar – A special transport system for the safe and clean handling of sensitive photovoltaic modules. The system meets the requirements of cleanliness class 6 and can be used universally in ESD environments.


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